Corporate Philosophy


To work for the betterment of the society.


To be the most admired and respected family company in the country.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the people by providing comforts and conveniences at affordable prices.                                                                                      


  • To be the market leader in our product range and market segment.
  • Provide our consumers with the best services and shopping experience in the country.
  • Provide our consumers with products of latest technology.
  • Develop our employees to achieve their real potential.
  • Provide our shareholders with steady asset growth and return on investment above the industry norm.
  • Grow our revenue and profits at a rate above the industry norm.

VALUE STATEMENT                

We live up to the expectation of a responsible organization by contributing towards the improvement in the quality of life of our customers through outstanding product and services.

We respect each other as individuals and encourage cross functional teamwork while providing opportunities for career development.

We provide reasonable return to shareholders while safeguarding their investment.


We develop our suppliers as partners in progress and share our growth with them.


We respect our competitors and recognize their contribution to market value.


We conduct our business by conforming to the ethics of our country and share the social responsibility of the less fortunate.



We make every effort to ensure that the environment is protected and conserved for future generations.