>>> EMI is applicable on purchase above 10,000 BDT <<<

>>> For Laptop EMI will be applicable for 6 Month* <<<

Following are the Terms & Conditions applicable on EMI plan and are to be read along with the Credit Card Terms and Conditions:

  1. - Minimum purchase amount for each transaction should be BDT 10,000/- to avail an EMI.
  2. - You can checkout only if your credit limit is equal to or greater than the price of the product.
  3. - EMI is available at 0% interest for a tenure of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18* and 24* months. (18 & 24 Months Tenure is available on selected banks listed above)
  4. - The conversion of purchase to EMI may take up to 10 (Ten) working days.
  5. - Purchase on SINGERBD.COM to be made at least 3 (three) working days before the next credit card statement is generated to ensure the transaction reflects in that statement. For example, your statement date is October 24, 2019, then, the purchase should be made before October 21, 2019.
  6. - If you make a purchase within the 3 days’ period as mentioned in the paragraph no. 3 or after the statement date, then, the transaction will reflect in the next month’s statement.
  7. - The Bank providing EMI service is not acting as corporate agent/distributor of third party products/services and shall not be responsible in any manner to any person or to any claim.
  8. - Notwithstanding anything contained in this Terms and Conditions and Credit Card terms and conditions, SINGER BANGLADESH reserves unconditional and unequivocal right to reject, refuse, delay, object to provide EMI facility to any customer for any product, even after complying with the all the above-mentioned requirements, without citing or stating any reason.
  9. - Please contact with your issuer bank if your EMI is not activated within mentioned time in the paragraph no. 5.