V Guard IPS + BATTERY (900 VA)

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  • Capacity 900VA (740 Watt)
  • All domestic loads and sensitive electronic gadgets
  • Noise Level Lesser than Square Wave
  • 2 Years Standard Warranty

V Guard Ips (900 VA) Product Specification:

  • Capacity 900VA (740 Watt)
  • Sine wave output
  • High inrush load handling
  • Battery water topping reminder to avoid battery failures
  • Normal/high voltage modes for different output voltage performances
  • Digital Signal Controller based design for pure sine wave output
  • Battery Gravity Builder with overcharge and deep discharge protections
  • Use UPS/Normal modes easily from front switch - No need to put hand behind the inverter as in other products
  • Less energy consumption in a year as compared to any other brand
  • Normal/high output voltage
  • 10-15% higher back up than any other competitor brands


Equipment Connection

General Consumption Pattern



5 Tubes + 4 Local Fans


5 Energy Saving Light (25 watt) + 4 Local Fan + 1 Panel TV (up to 32")

*** Backup Time: Up to 2 Hours

*** Installation Free (Connecting Cable should be provided by Customer)

Battery Feature:

  • Hamko Battery- HPD-150T
  • Design of deep cycle thick plate
  • Design of deep cycle flood plate
  • Standard and improved flooded technology
  • Lowest temperature in charge-discharge
  • Lowest internal resistance
  • Weight and robust construction
  • Highest efficiency
  • Low internal loss
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Brand Singer
Color Black
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Warranty 2 Years Standard Warranty
  • Delivery within 7 Working Days. (Conditions Apply) See Order Info.
  • Free Delivery To Your Doorstep (For On-Line Purchases)
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